10 Top Tips to Improve Events with Signage

Summer is here and so is the season of outdoor events! We’re sure everyone’s eager for some sun and socialising, especially with festivals, parades, and corporate events on the horizon, but just because we’re having fun doesn’t mean we can compromise safety.

Event organisers are responsible for the care of all workers and attendees, but effective health and safety isn’t about covering your back. Considering everyone’s safety will help them feel secure, and signage is the ideal way to enhance welfare and enjoyment. 

So here are ten of the top areas that signage can benefit.

How Can Signage Help With...


You’re expected to put out invites or adverts in advance to relay the event time, location, etc., but you should also provide safety advice. Educate attendees on how to practice personal safety like applying sun cream and dressing appropriately (more on sun safety in this blog), along with any existing hazards at the site e.g. a strong river. We suggest reinforcing good habits on the day with sun safety posters.


If guests are travelling to the event or it’s in a public place, you should think about the impact that’ll have. Be considerate and warn locals with custom information or traffic signage so they can plan ahead, plus if it’s public this could encourage locals to attend. For larger functions consider putting this information at nearby train stations, bus stops, and car parks, then use wayfinding signage to safely direct people to the venue.


This is always important, but especially when you’re in the sun and heat. If dehydration is neglected it can threaten your health, so clean drinking water must be readily available. Provide water stations marked with large signs or banners to help direct people and drinking water signs to show it is safe. You can even use our hydration poster to encourage use, especially if serving alcohol.


You’ll need a secure perimeter if the event is private or ticketed, preferably fitted with prohibition or warning signs to help keep gatecrashers out. Beyond that, you might have security or CCTV at the event to discourage dangerous and illegal activity. Be aware you must have prominent CCTV signs, so attendees know it’s in use, and we suggest custom signs asking guests to report suspicious activity to the relevant party.

Fire Safety

Another common concern, particularly when conditions are hot and dry. Keep heated equipment away from flammable materials by fitting warning signage nearby, and maybe even a flame retardant banner to act as a shield. Extinguishers should be provided - with accompanying safety signage and fire marshals trained to use them – and all events need an emergency evacuation plan with clearly marked fire exits and assembly points – preferably photoluminous.


Many outdoor events take place without electricity, but if you do use it then you must do so safely. This means making sure any equipment is in good condition and weatherproof, keeping equipment and cables out of the public’s way (like behind a sign stand or taped down), and providing warning signage so people are aware of any electrical or tripping hazards. 

Keep it Tidy

Good housekeeping can help you reduce risks, protect the environment, and save on clean-up. Make sure there are plenty of bins marked with waste signs and encourage people to store things properly with protection signs, especially around entrances and exits.


First aid stations are essential! They must be marked with signs or banners, contain first aid kits and trained first aiders (although posters can reinforce training), and have the details to give 999 in an emergency. Information points where you show maps, provide advice, and take care of problems like lost children can also reduce risks and make the experience more enjoyable. Sanitiser should be provided, and attendees encouraged to use it with signage, especially outside bathrooms and food stations.


Consider how people will travel and what the major hazards are when designing the site, so you can evaluate what locations will be best for toilets, first aid, etc. This can help reduce risks and make your event more accessible and enjoyable, for example having multiple bathrooms so people don’t need to queue as much. Draw this up and provide custom printed maps on site, along with wayfinding signage and banners, to act as guideposts.


Adding some flair can help your function be inviting and memorable. Whether you choose a pattern that fits your theme, ads to promote the next event, or something unique - like company photos at a corporate event – we can print it to nearly any material. This may be optional but if you have barriers without decor then that’s a missed opportunity, especially when a product like our banners can provide decoration, privacy, and safety.

Here for You

We hope this advice can benefit your next celebration, and if you need more then our team is on hand to share their expertise. If you found this interesting, you may also want to check out our leisure signs and school wayfinding signs.

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