5 Ways to Prepare for Winter in Construction

With the colder weather settling in, there are more hazards to be aware of on construction sites, from snow and ice to poor visibility and health risks. We offer our advice on the different ways to prepare your construction site for winter and mitigate these risks.

1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast

It’s important to watch the forecast so that you can prepare for any extreme weather, such as severe wind, snow, or rain, that may make it difficult for you to continue working outdoors. One way to do this is to use a wind monitoring display board to keep track of wind speeds and determine when it is safe to work.

2. Ensure you are ready for snow and ice

Surfaces can get slippery in cold, wet weather and walking on surfaces covered in snow and ice is hazardous, so you should ensure there are measures in place to reduce the risk of injury. All the equipment you might need to tackle this, including grit bins, snow shovels, and de-icing salt, can be found in our Winter Essentials range.

3. Allow more time in your work schedule

The potential for work to be cancelled due to bad weather or staff illness can cause delays in your schedule, and this is more likely to happen in the winter. It would be sensible to allow more time for the project to be completed in case there are any setbacks. Why not use a display board to plan activities for each day and get organised?

4. Make sure workers are protected

Work may be carried out in the dark since there are fewer daylight hours, but you should ensure adequate lighting and hi-vis PPE is provided to ensure good visibility and worker safety. Facilities should also be provided for employees to take a break and warm up with a hot drink, and safety signs, such as a cold working display board, should be on display to remind them of the correct procedures.

5. Take measures to protect materials and equipment

There is a risk that building materials can become damaged by the cold weather, so people should be reminded to protect and recover all unfixed materials on site. Heavy machinery can also be affected by the cold weather, so where possible this should be kept in a weatherproof storage area, and only used when it is safe to do so in the conditions. 

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