Glendining Signs: Leading the Way in Sustainable Signage Solutions

In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is paramount, businesses are taking responsibility and stepping up to embrace sustainable practices and reduce their ecological footprint.

At Glendining Signs, we are committed to creating a sustainable future in signage, led by our innovative approach and guarantee of eco-friendly solutions. We aim to highlight the sustainability initiatives undertaken and how we are revolutionising the sign manufacturing landscape.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Materials

Glendining Signs has made a conscious effort to replace many of our sign materials with PVC alternatives, without compromising on quality, recycling all sign waste where possible.

Many of our sign material choices are now eco-friendly. As well as having many other benefits, materials such as Correx and Semi-rigid PP are PVC-free, water-resistant and widely recycled. Our extensive range of materials offers the opportunity for our customers to make greener choices and choose what is best for them. For more information on all of the materials available at Glendining Signs, visit our Sign Material Guide.

Signage longevity is a crucial aspect of sustainability. At Glendining Signs we prioritise manufacturing signs for durability, ensuring they withstand weathering and time. By utilising high-quality materials and robust construction techniques, they create signage solutions that are built to last.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

At Glendining Signs, we understand the importance of waste reduction and responsible waste management. Our implemented waste reduction strategies are practised across operations from the manufacturing process to removing 99% of single-use plastic packaging materials from our daily operations.

Repurposing excess signage materials rather than discarding leftover materials is just one way that Glendining Signs finds innovative ways to reuse and recycle. Finding alternative uses for these materials and giving them a second life reduces our environmental impact.

Striving For Carbon Neutrality

To help reduce carbon emissions, Glendining Signs has initiated strategies that focus on optimising transportation logistics. We are striving to reduce the environmental impact of our transportation activities by employing third-party couriers to deliver our signage solutions, reducing the amount of single delivery address routes.

Furthermore, Glendining Signs has started using 82% less energy when printing using LED lamps. Our manufacturing processes used in printing have been updated to reduce energy consumption. This is compared to conventional UV printers that are widely used within the industry.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

 At Glendining Signs we have an unwavering commitment to sustainability, spearheading change within the sign manufacturing industry. Through our innovative practices, use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient solutions and waste reduction strategies, Glendining Signs want to create a future where sustainable printing is continuously used.

For more information on how Glendining Signs continues to strive for a sustainable future, contact our friendly team for assistance.