Have You Considered Your Industries Health and Safety Risks?

When looking for a new career do you look at the injury rates? This is not a factor many people consider, but perhaps they should.

Accidents in the workplace are common across almost every industry, however, some are more susceptible to workplace injuries than others. While someone who works in an office may experience deteriorating eyesight, other workers such as farmers face potentially serious injuries handling livestock and farming equipment. Glendining Signs aims to highlight how to support industries where potential accidents are most likely to occur and what signage can be implemented to help prevent them.

Why is Health and Safety in the Workplace Important?

 Ensuring your workplace is safe is crucial for every industry sector. By implementing clear health and safety solutions, businesses can prevent unwanted accidents and injuries, in turn resulting in a more uplifting workplace culture. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for all employees and visitors under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, but more than that, it is morally right to adhere to health and safety laws – click here to discover more about key health and safety laws in the workplace.

Potential Health and Safety Risks

 Accidents can result from many situations, weather it is falling from a height to a motor vehicle accident, different industries face unique risks that can result in injury. As a result, employers across all industries must take proactive measures to identify and address potential hazards.

Preventing Manufacturing Incidents

Manufacturing jobs often involve the use of heavy machinery and manual handling. The most common manufacturing-related injuries come from improper handling of machinery, exposure to harmful substances and manual handling. Using instructive protective equipment signage alongside machinery reminds employees of the dangers associated with the work and what protective measures they should be taking, from wearing glasses to using guards. Displaying warning signs can reduce the risk of human error, reducing the number of workplace-related injuries as these eye-catching fluorescent yellow signs give warning as to the potential health and safety dangers.

Avoiding Accidents within Construction

Statistics show that construction is the most dangerous industry to work in the UK. High scaffolding, large machinery and cranes drastically increase the risk of injury on construction sites. Construction site signs cover every area of a building site helping meet the health and safety requirements. From scaffold signs to reduce the risk of working from height to hazard signs that warn of potential dangers, our extensive range can mitigate the risk of accidents on construction sites.

Mitigating Agricultural Accidents

 Agricultural work is physically demanding and combined with the arduous exposure to ever-changing weather conditions, it is no surprise that this industry poses a health and safety risk. With the use of pesticides, heavy equipment and handling livestock, agricultural employees face constant risk when at work. By displaying clear signs for electrical safety, dangerous chemicals and general health and safety, employees can reduce the dangers associated with agricultural working environments.

Help Reduce Culinary Incidents

 Intense heat, sharp tools and the use of hot hobs are just some of the risks associated with working in a kitchen. Most incidents occur through unsafe use of kitchen equipment, burns and spillages on the floor. Informing employees of hazards, such as our ‘danger slippery surface’ freestanding sign, can minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls. Also, having warnings in place like ‘caution very hot water’ can reduce the risk of serious burns by making employees aware of the hazard.

Reduce Risks in the Healthcare Sector

 The healthcare industry is filled with numerous risks that can impact the well-being of patients and healthcare providers. Handling harmful substances, surgical equipment, and with having employees under immense pressure increases the risks associated with this industry which can lead to harmful injuries and accidents.

Preventing spread of infection by using our hygiene signs is one way of providing a safe working environment, especially by using site skin care products clearly displaying hand sanitising stations to promote hygiene and prevent exposure to hazardous substances. Also, having noticeboards in place to signify mental wellbeing can reduce the risk of injury to healthcare workers, preventing burnouts and fatal medical errors.

Your Local Health and Safety Sign Maker  

At Glendining Signs, we are a leading supplier of construction and commercial health and safety signs, and with our extensive range, there is a sign for every industry. However, if you are unable to find the sign you are looking for, our custom sign builder is the perfect way for you to design your own bespoke health and safety signs. Explore today or get in touch with our friendly team for assistance.