How Hazardous is Your Workplace?

No matter what the type of workplace, there are countless hazards to be aware of. Even the tamest of office environments is at risk to safety hazards such as slips and falls. We discuss the most common workplace hazards and how you can help employees to avoid them.

Safety Hazards

Some of the most common workplace hazards are related to safety issues, including the risk of sliding on a slippery surface, falling down the stairs, or being electrocuted. Accidents do happen, and it’s impossible to prevent them altogether, but by providing proper warning of hazards, and ensuring the correct health and safety measures are in place, you can reduce the risk. 

Workplace safety signage can be highly effective in helping people to avoid injury. Providing hazard warning signs ensures employees are aware of any potential risks they might face, such as an area of high voltage or a hidden step which could cause them to trip. The bright yellow triangle is instantly recognisable, making people pay attention.

Chemical Hazards

When working in a hospital, laboratory, or another environment where dangerous substances are handled, you are more at risk to chemical hazards. Coming into contact with certain substances can cause injury or even fatality, so these should be clearly labelled and stored in a secure location.  

Hazard warning signs should be installed to inform people of dangerous chemicals, including acid, or chemical irritants, to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Physical Hazards

Workers whose job involves working outdoors in extreme weather, or in an environment with high levels of noise or even radiation, are at risk to physical hazards. Without the use of proper PPE and protective clothing, employees can face health risks such as hypothermia if working outside in the winter, or loss of hearing when not using ear defenders.

Raising awareness of the risks of these dangerous environments is possible through hazard warning signs. Whether it is highlighting a radiation risk, or the danger of death, a sign can make a big difference. 

Safety Signs for the Workplace

Glendining Signs offers a broad range of health and safety signs for the workplace, so whether you work in a corporate office or on a construction site, we can provide the signage you need to help keep your employees safe from hazards.

Browse our full range of hazard warning signs or create your own custom safety sign today. We are always happy to hear from our customers so, if you have any questions about bespoke signage, please get in touch.