Protecting New Build Properties During Construction

With many new build properties being purchased off-plan, or on large development sites which can be in construction for years, it is important to consider how to keep the properties and potential occupants protected.

The building sector is an important aspect of constructing domestic and commercial properties since it provides dwellings and infrastructure to the population. New build homes are a significant investment for the construction industry, developers and buyers, therefore having the right safeguards and protection in place during the construction process and after completion is important to consider.

For buyers, protecting new build properties is crucial. Safeguarding against potential risks and pitfalls associated with buying a newly constructed building can help prevent this. The complex process of buying a new home has many factors that can affect the final outcome, and without proper protection in place, buyers can find themselves facing unexpected expenses that could have been avoided.

Similarly, new build protection is just as important for construction companies. Implementing measures to mitigate risk and prevent avoidable accidents can create a safer and more productive work environment, while also delivering high-quality results. Protecting new build properties ensures the integrity and quality of the construction companies work and gives buyers confidence in their choice of investment.

At Glendining Signs we have explored some strategies that can be implemented to help keep new build properties protected during and after construction.

Safeguard Site Security

 During the construction process, enforcing site security is a critical factor in protecting new build homes. The primary purpose of security signs is to inform others of the security measures in place, whether this be surveillance on the premises and in commercial or sensitive properties to reiterate that in some cases, guard dogs are on the premises.

 Site security signs clearly convey the precautions you have taken on your site. These additional signs communicate security measures and act as a deterrent for trespassers who can create unwanted damage. This allows construction companies to avoid unauthorised access, prevent vandalism, and secure the safety of their site. Furthermore, this provides buyers with the peace of mind that their newly built home is not damaged and prevents potential accidents from occurring.

Construction sites can be targets for thieves and unauthorised personnel, hence construction companies must implement adequate site security measures to prevent damage. Using site security signs to warn trespassers of security measures, such as CCTV in operation, can dissuade intruders from attempting to access the site.

Display Inspection Signs

When it comes to selling a new build property, presenting it as clean and sanitary is essential to attract potential buyers. However, it can be challenging to convey this message effectively. Signs such as our ‘cleaned and inspected’ sign, give buyers reassurance that the building is clean, well-maintained and most importantly, not been used before. Promoting a sanitary new home can increase the chances of selling a property, giving potential buyers the confidence that the property is move-in ready and protected.  

If a development site is unfinished and a buyer moves into their new home, displaying the correct signs to indicate that it is occupied is important to protect their land. Making use of temporary signs to signify that owners have moved in, such as our ‘please keep off the grass’ sign clearly presents information to construction workers about the occupation of a property. Displaying the right signs when the development site is still under construction ensures unwanted damage and therefore costs to finished properties.

Add the Finishing Touches to Your New Build

Adding the final touches to your new build home is important for the protection of your property. Fitting a custom door number to your property is important for safety and security, for example in the event of an emergency. Visible house numbers can also deter trespassers by making it clear that the house is occupied; they are less likely to target a house that is clearly well-protected. Likewise, it is important for construction companies to align their building plans correctly to the house numbers to avoid confusion with utility companies and registration of ownership. Also, add individuality to your home with customisable styles and material house number signs using our custom sign builder.

Buyer Warranty

New build warranties are designed to offer buyers peace of mind when purchasing a new build property. Having a buyer warranty in place means buyers can feel confident that should any problems arise; they will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. They are taken out by the builder or developer but are put in place to protect the buyer. Usually covering for defects that arise because of design faults, workmanship or from materials, new build warranties are issued to protect from the costs of fixing structural defects. Find out more about the Building Safety Act 2022 here.

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At Glendining Signs we recognise the importance of protecting your newly built home from vulnerability and danger. Our range of finished home signs, from interior hygiene stickers to exterior display signs can help protect your new home from any form of damage. If you have any questions regarding protecting your property, get in touch with us today.