Staying Safe in the Dark

In an emergency, the power in your building could fail, and leave you in the dark. Luminous and LED signs ensure that people can find their way to the nearest exit safely or identify the location of fire safety equipment. 

These signs are vital to keeping everyone safe in the dark, especially at this time of year, when there are fewer daylight hours, and we rely on artificial rather than natural light in workplaces, shops, and other commercial spaces.

Luminous Signs 

Luminous signs have ‘photoluminescent’ properties, which means that they can absorb light energy, whether that is from the sun or fluorescent lighting, and release that energy in the form of light.

When the lights turn off or fail, the material will glow, and the printed safety message will be displayed in a clear, bright, easy-to-read format for anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. This useful glow-in-the-dark feature enables people to see your fire safety signs despite a power cut, so they can react quickly in an emergency.

LED Signs

Ensure people can always find their way to the fire escape with LED signs. Using LED fire exit signs with a battery back-up not only ensures that the exit route is clearly illuminated in a power cut, but also assists in compliance with emergency lighting regulations in commercial, public and accommodation premises.

Discover our Fire Safety Signs 

Glendining Signs provides a wide range of fire safety signs for use in any workplace. Alongside luminous signs and LED signs, we also offer a selection of fire equipment signs and fire exit signs, including all the signage you need to comply with health and safety regulations. If you can’t find what you need, or want to create a bespoke sign, please get in touch.