Complete Customisation

 At Glendining Signs, we offer a wide range of signage for the construction industry and commercial sectors, including custom signs, banners, and labels. Our new Custom Sign Builder offers complete customisation, so you can design your own sign from scratch!

With the Custom Sign Builder, you can go bespoke and choose your own colours, text, symbols and more. Discover how you can use this tool to create your own sign today.

1.     Choose your size and layout

Getting the layout right for your sign is key, so your first decision is to make your sign portrait or landscape. You can also specify the required dimensions.

2.     Decide on your sign style

There are many different types of signs available, so whether you’re looking to create a hazard warning sign, mandatory sign, or another kind of sign with a coloured background, the Custom Sign Builder allows you to choose the right style for your needs.

3.     Select a symbol

One of the largest elements of your sign is the symbol that you use. We have a wide range of symbols and colours to choose from; simply browse the selection to find the one that best suits your requirements.

4.     Add your text

Display a message of your choice on your custom sign. You should keep language clear and to the point, ensuring that there is not too much text that the sign is unreadable at your chosen size.

5.     Choose your material

Choose from our range of signage materials, suitable for a variety of applications. From recyclable materials such as S-Board, to PVC foam, acrylic, and aluminium, we have a broad selection to choose from.

6.     Make the finishing touches

If you would like to take out any optional extras for your sign, such as drilled corners or radius corners, you can add these at the end. Then, your custom sign is complete! Simply add the product to your basket and checkout.

Go Bespoke with Glendining Signs

At Glendining Signs, we pride ourselves on creating custom signs for our customers, so if you want to add your own logo to an existing product, or create something unique to your business or organisation, we can help!

Ready to design your own sign? Head to our Custom Sign Builder  to start creating yours today. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.