Construction Signs FAQs

Whether it’s protecting workers from hazards or directing traffic to the correct areas, site managers, scaffolders and builders are well aware of the importance of construction signs. However, with a wide variety available, it can be difficult to know exactly which of these types of signs best suits your needs. Here, we provide the answer to this and some other frequently asked questions about construction site signs.

What are Construction Signs Used for?

Construction signs are used on building sites and development plots to display information that encourages staff to follow health and safety guidelines, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries to both themselves and the public. This is a legal requirement of employers in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations 1996. Construction signs also ensure the smooth flow of traffic across the site so that work can continue at an optimum rate.

What Signs do I Need for My Building Site?

There are many construction signs to choose from, but those which are right for you depends on several things, including the size of your building site, the type of construction project and the equipment used. Below we’ve listed some of the most common types of construction signs and those that are available to purchase from Glendining Signs.

Fire signs - To protect builders and visitors coming to harm, it’s important you have fire signs in place on your construction site. This includes fire exit signsfire equipment signs and fire assembly point signs.

Hazard signs - Construction site hazards range from trailing cables to falling objects from work overhead. Ensure you make people on site aware of such dangers with our range of hazard signs.

Scaffold signs - Danger mind your head signskeep out signs and danger falling objects signs are a must for scaffolding structures. Our scaffold signs are durable, lightweight and come with an attachment that makes securing them to scaffolding easy.

Site traffic signs - Site traffic signs not only direct construction site vehicles where to go, but they also alert them to pedestrian crossings and speed ramps.

PPE signs - Maintaining health and safety also extends to the protective clothing of workers. To remind people of this, you need PPE signs, such as a wear a face mask sign, a hard hats must be worn sign and a check your PPE sign.

Is Sign Placement Important on a Construction Site?

Displaying your construction signs appropriately so they are clearly visible is extremely important and integral to meeting Health & Safety standards. If they’re obscured in some way, this prevents their message from being effectively communicated, putting workers and visitors at an increased risk. Be careful not to have too many in one place as this could cause distraction.

What Colour are Construction Signs?

Construction site signs come in a variety of shapes and colours, each denoting a particular meaning. Fire equipment signs feature white symbols or lettering on a red square or rectangle, whereas warning signs are a yellow triangular shape with a black border and writing. Prohibition signs and mandatory signs are both circular. However, the former has a red outer ring with a red line crossing through a white centre. On the other hand, mandatory signs are blue with white symbols and lettering. Finally, green square or rectangular signs are known as safe condition signs.

Can I Customise a Construction Sign?

At Glendining Signs, all our construction signs are easily customisable. Your logo, site plan and more can be incorporated into the design, so that your brand is just as strong as the important messages your signs convey. If you’re interested in a custom sign, find out more about how to send your artwork files to us.

Here to Help

Whether you require a scaffold sign or fire sign, Glendining can help. We are one of the largest signage suppliers in the UK, with over 35 years’ experience in the construction sign industry. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your construction sign needs.