Health & Safety Signs in the Workplace

So, you’ve identified the hazards at your workplace, the risks associated with those hazards, and the control measures to be taken. Now what? When the control measures have been put in place, safety signs may be required to further reduce the risk, or to instruct of the measures they need to take in relation to the risks.

As an employer, employees must be made aware and clearly understand the meaning of safety signs displayed around the workplace. Most safety signs are self-explanatory, however new and inexperienced staff may be unfamiliar with the meaning of some less commonly used signs.

Health and safety signs in the workplace must be suitable for the environment they are being displayed in. They must be large and clear, so they are easily understood, plus durable, fixed securely, and properly maintained. Care must be taken to avoid too many signboards being displayed in close proximity. Too many signs displayed together can increase the chance of confusion and vital information being overlooked.

Here, we’ll run through each type of health and safety sign and why they are vital to your workplace.

Fire Signs

Fire safety is paramount for any workplace, with the risk of fire every employer’s nightmare. Fires can cause devastating damage in a matter of minutes, and the danger exposed to employees can be life threatening. Every employee must be made aware of procedures in place in the event of an emergency. Fire safety signs are an essential part of preparing for such event should it arise.


Fire Exit Signs

Fire exit signs provide clear information on escape routes and emergency exits in the event of a fire. In smaller buildings, fire exit signs may not be required as exits may be obvious, however many buildings across the country will require the correct fire exit signage in place. People usually leave buildings by the way they entered or familiar routes, but alternative exits should be clearly shown so that people know there are additional ways of exiting.

A final fire exit sign must be displayed on each exit, with directional fire exit signs placed at suitable points along each escape route to guide people unfamiliar with the building’s layout. In poor light conditions, photoluminescent backed signs may be required to ensure signs are clearly visible. Discover the range of fire exit signs available at Glendining.

Fire Assembly Point Signs

Upon exiting an escape route or emergency exit, people must proceed to the nearest fire assembly point, located in a designated safe area away from the building. Fire assembly points ensure everyone is in a safe area and can easily be accounted for by the designated Fire Warden. They must be clearly marked with a fire assembly point sign, incorporating safe condition features such as white text on a green background with an assembly point symbol.

Fire Action Signs

Fire action signs show people the correct procedure to follow in the event of a fire. They list the do’s and don’ts and allow you to fill out information specific to your workplace. Fire action signs should be displayed near a fire alarm call point and at a suitable readable height. Shop our fire action signs.

Fire Equipment Signs

Fire equipment signs provide information on the identification or location of firefighting equipment such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers. They predominantly feature a red background with a white fire symbol, helping them to stand out. They should be displayed near the equipment as per the outcome of your assessment of risks to health and safety and not obstructed in any way.

Fire Door Signs

Fire door signs are the first line of defence when controlling a fire, helping to slow down the speed of the blaze. These doors should remain shut, not propped open, and require fire door signage to inform people. These signs feature white text on a circular blue background to indicate a mandatory action and must be fixed at a suitable height on both sides of the door. Glendining Signs provide fire door signs in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes as part of our range of fire safety signs.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs give instruction to a specific behaviour or action required in an area of your workplace to comply with statutory requirements. For example, wearing safety glasses or goggles when using machinery where there is a risk of eye damage. Such machinery should have a ‘wear safety glasses’ sign fixed on or next to the machine in a clear and prominent position. These signs feature white text on a blue background and a blue circle. Within the circle should be a white pictogram.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs prohibit behaviour likely to increase or cause danger. For example, smoking inside buildings is against the law and strictly forbidden. ‘No smoking’ signs should be positioned around the premises at eye level to maximise awareness. These signs feature white text on a red background with a red banded circle. Within the circle should be a red diagonal line at 45 degrees with a black pictogram.

Warning Signs

Warning signs inform people to be careful around hazardous areas of your workplace and to take precautions. For example, an electrical box contains high voltage electricity which can cause life threatening damage. These boxes should have a ‘DANGER High voltage’ sign applied to the front to clearly warn people of the danger. These signs feature black text on a yellow background with a black banded triangle. Within the triangle should be a yellow background with a black pictogram. Discover our range of hazard warning signs.

First Aid Signs

These safe condition signs show the location of first aid facilities at the workplace and what to do in the event of an accident. Examples include showing the location of the first aid box or eye wash. Employees should also be made aware of the nominated first aiders on the premises and where to locate them in the event of an accident. 'The nearest first aid box' and 'Your first aider is' signs should be placed around the workplace and all the required information on the sign filled out and regularly updated. First aid signs feature white text on a green background with a white pictogram if required.

Health & Safety Posters

Health and safety posters promote safety in the workplace by the means of displaying information and images of a certain subject. These can include correct processes and procedures or just general well-being advice. Whether it's a COSHH poster or a COVID-19 poster, they look best displayed in clipframes fixed to walls, allowing you to easily interchange them and rotate around the premises. This keeps information fresh, appealing and more receptive instead of blending into the background.

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As you can see, the importance of health and safety signs in the workplace should never be underestimated. They are a myst have in order to protect employees, visitors, and students and comply with safety regulations. View our range of health and safety signs or contact our team for advice on your safety sign needs.