Stokolan® Hand & Body Skin Conditioning Gel

Stokolan® Hand & Body Skin Conditioning Gel

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A fast absorbing, easy to apply skin conditioning gel for all areas of the body to help hydrate and care for normal to dry skin. Lightly perfumed.

Where to use: For use by those with normal to dry skin from daily working in industrial, healthcare, office and commercial areas.

  • Fast absorbing non-greasy gel - Specifically formulated for quick and easy use without leaving greasy, sticky residue on the skin.
  • Contains Allantoin - Supports the moisturisation effect and helps condition the skin.
  • Contains Glycerin - A skin moisturiser to help prevent drying and leave the skin feeling smooth after use.
  • Contains Creatine - Included to encourage the skin’s own production of barrier lipids and support cell renewal.
  • Hydrates skin - Clinically proven to significantly improve skin hydration when used regularly.
  • ECARF Certified - This product meets the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) criteria for being well tolerated by sensitive skin.
  • Silicone-free - The product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or surface coatings.
  • Compatible with rubber production processes - Independently tested at the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK) and proven to have no negative effect on the vulcanisation process.

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